Shendur Lal

|| Shendur laal ||

Shendur laal chadhaayo achchhaa gajamukha ko
Dondil laal biraaje sut gauriihar ko
Haath liye guda ladduu saanii sukhar ko
Mahimaa kahe na jaay laagat huun pad ko jai dev jai dev

Jai jai jai jai jai
Jai jai jii ganaraaj vidyaasukhadaataa
Dhany tumhaaro darshan meraa mat ramataa jai dev jai dev
Jai jai jai …

bhaavabhagat se koii sharaNaagat aave
santati sampatti sabahii bharapuur paave
aise tum mahaaraaj moko ati bhaave
gosaavii-nandan nishidin gun gaave jai dev jai dev
Jai jai jai …

Ghaalin lotaangan vandiin charan dolyaannii paahin ruup tujhe
preme aalingin aananden puujin bhaaven ovaalin mhaNe naamaa
tamev maataa pitaa tamev tamev bandhushch sakhaa tvamev
tamev vidyaa draviNm tamev tamev sarvam mam dev dev
kaayen vaach manasendriyairvaa buddhyaatmanaa vaa prakritisvabhaavaa
karomi yadyat sakalam parasmai naaraayaNaayeti samarpayaami
achyut keshavm raamanaaraayanam krishna daamodaram vaasudevam hari
shriidharam maadhavam gopikaavallabham jaanakiinaayakam raamachandram bhaje
hare raam hare raam raam raam hare hare
hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna krishna hare hare…


I wish there was a Magic Wand for real!

Magic wand, we all remember “Daniel Radcliffe” & “Emma Watson” using it in series of “Harry Potter Movies”. Its usually the thing which gets them out of trouble every-time they are in one. With a set of ‘magical words’ & directing the wand towards the evil and ‘vvviiissshhh’ its gone! After watching those movies, not even a teenager but an old man suffering from his bad health, a mid-age business man, an individual looking for job, wishes to have such a thing to avoid the bad moments in life.

In some situations, we are in, we really want to run away from it and be at some place else, we generally think of a wand, if we had one. We tend to die for almost everything we love but in this process, we forget to actually live. Our journey begins right after ‘high-school’, where we make our best effort to make the list of a top tier colleges (some make, some could not), even after making there, we put in even more efforts to make the merit list (some make, some could not). The fight now starts for either a job or even higher studies (Again, some make and some could not). All this process we have over a thousand memorable we want to cherish for our lives and under-a-thousand moments which we wish getting erased from our life.

What really corresponds to the ‘magic-wand’ here is when you’re in a real bad phase of your life, it helps getting you out of your each awkward moment when you’re facing one. One is when people ask you “What are you doing these days?” and other is when your loved ones who love you, trust you, look at you and say “Everything is going to be alright, have patience”. Damn, isn’t it too much? For how much time this can be tolerated? And especially when you see God making the things even worse for you by taking someone who means the world to you, away from you. That is the day when a person thinks of a magic wand and that is the night when he comes back to reality and thinks of suicide. Its not the literal sense to torture someone to such an extent. God is hard on some people and really easy to the nasty ones, it maybe a perception of my eyes but at some point we all comes to such a realization when we see happening in front of us. So, if you really want to do something for someone, “Pray” and get back to the people you really want to be with, its the best thing you can do to them. Just roll the magic-wand in your mind and do it. Don’t think too much, just do it! It can count for the best and you won’t find the difference but you will feel it.

SukhKarta Dukhharta

|| SukhKarta DukhHarta ||

Sukhkarta Dukh Harta Varta Vighnachi, Nurvi Purvi Prem Krupa Jayachi, Sarvangi Sundar Udi Che Duranchi,

Kanti Jhadke Maad Mukata Padaanchi, Jaidev Jaidev Jai Mangal Murti

Darshan Maatre Mann Kaam Naa Phurti, Ratnakhachit Phara Tujh Gaurikumra

Chandanaachi Udi Kumkumkeshara, Hirejadit Mukut Shobhato Bara

Runjhunati Nupure Charani Ghagriya

Jaidev Jaidev Jai Mangal Murti

Darshan Maatre Mann Kaamna Phurti

(Jai Deva, Jai Deva …, Jai Dev Jai Dev ..)

Lambodar Pitaambar Phanivarvandana, Saral Sond Vakratunda Trinayana,

Das Ramacha Vat Pahe Sadna, Sankati Pavave Nirvani Rakshave Suruvarvandana,

Jaidev Jaidev Jai Mangal Murti

Darshan Maatre Mann Kaamna Phurti

|| Sholka ||

“ Shradha Bhaav Se Jo Bhi Aave

Sukh Sampati Samridhi Sab Paave

Gajanand Maharaj Moko Ati Bhave

Ae Gauri Nandan Sab Tere Gun Gaave

Jaidev Jaidev Jai Mangal Murti

Darshan Maatre Mann Kaamna Phurti

Tumhe Mata Tumhe Pita

Tumhe Ve Bandu Saka Tumhe Ve..

Jai Deva, Jai Deva… Jai Dev Jai Dev…

Fixed Annuity

Fixed annuities are interest-based vehicles similar to bank-issued CDs, but geared specifically towards retirement savings. Typically, a lump-sum of cash locks in an interest rate ranging from 3% to 10% for a period of 3 to 15 years. The initial deposit — otherwise called the premium — can range from $5,000 to $1,000,000.

Fixed annuities are very low risk, have more liquidity than CDs, are tax-deferred, and typically offer higher yields than bonds, CDs, treasuries, or money market accounts.

A fixed annuity uses one of two distribution models: immediate or deferred. Immediate fixed annuities start issuing monthly payments right away, until the initial premium plus interest gets paid out. Deferred annuities don’t pay out until the end of their term, compounding interest like a typical retirement savings account.

Fixed annuities vary, but generally feature:

– Single Premium

– Guaranteed Rate

– Very Low Risk

– Retirement Income

– 3%-10% Return

– Lifetime Income

– 1-10 Year Plan

– Hassle Free

– Life Insurance

– Unlimited Contributions

– Inheritence

– Inflation Hedge

– Tax free Gifts

There are also types of Fixed Annuity:

1) Fixed Immediate

2) Fixed Deferred

3) CD Type

Fixed Annuity also has demerits: Fixed annuities have many retirement savings benefits, but do you know their disadvantages? There’s no such thing as a perfect investment, and annuities are no exception to the rule.

Lastly, who should buy it

Fixed annuities are ideal for retirees or those wary of market volatility. Although potential for windfalls is limited compared to variable annuities, the fixed annuity’s guaranteed rate-of-return beats many other investment vehicles. Fixed rate annuities are well suited for conservative of investors or retirees who need steady monthly income.

Simple facts of living

We as teenagers are always told to “live simple” & “stay on earth” but here is a question; How many of us are actually able to do that?

The Basic state of Mind

I agree, I am not a teenager writing this blog but I’ve passed that stage without getting an answer to some questions and when I look back today, I find many like me who are now 10 times advanced than what I am today. Why is this happening? What is the changing point? People in India, generally blame the fast changing ‘western’ trend. Still, they all talk about keeping the ‘cultural values’ in place; the ‘religious activities’ in our routine. How is this helping?  Are we actually able to incorporate those in our routine? What if we keep asking these type of question? Have we ever tried to explain it to ourselves that, to judge the best, we have to look into the mirror? Have we ever tried to talk to ourselves? our inner-self? Some of us might have but if I am talking about 10 people, I will get 8 negative answers & that is a the majority.

There is a huge gap between elementary topics and practicality; similar to what result we take out of every event in our lives. Some stay negative forever and some positive. And this is the only reason why we refer to “destiny”. Its a hard guess of to what is right and what should be done to make the wrong things, right. Seriously, we need to cope up with this technological advancement and understand a teen’s mind and then ask him/her to make elementary changes in his/her routine.

Michammi dukkadam!

Bhagwan Mahaveer

Jo kuch bhi paap hua mujhse, michhami dukkadam leta hu|
Bhagwan aapki sakshi se, michhami dukkadam leta hu|
Gurudev aapki sakshi se, michhami dukkadam leta hu|
Apni aatma ki sakshi se, michhami dukkadam leta hu|

Panchashrav paap attahrah ka, jo sevan kiya karaya ho,
iss bhav mein ya peechle bhav mein, michhami dukkadam leta hu||

Karmo ke karta raag dvesh, ye naach nachate hai mujhko,
inke vash jo dushkarm kiye, michhami dukkadam leta hu||

Kaha Kaha meine janam liye, kaha kaha par kese maran kiye,
hai ata pata kuch bhi na chala, michhami dukkadam leta hu||

Kitno se naata toda hai, kitno se nata joda hai,
unn sab se khamat khamna kar, michhami dukkadam leta hu||

Jo mad-pramaad mein paap hue, anjaan-jaan mein paap hue,
unn sab ka aatma sakshi se, michhami dukkadam leta hu||

Samyag darshan, samyag gyan charan, ka kabhi nahi aacharan kiya,
bhatka mithyatva moh mein jo, michhami dukkadam leta hu||

Bhav Bhav mein mujhko bodh mile, sanyam samta ke phool khile,
muni shobha aatma shaanti paane, michhami dukkadam leta hu||

…Apni aatma ki sakshi se michhami dukkadam leta hu|