Planning the Content of Social Media Marketing

The world has seen a whole new pattern of marketing which one could never imagine of a decade ago. Yes, we are talking about the very know SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. When there are out-rightly many factors involved while considering the Social Media Marketing, the content and delivery still remains the focused ones.  A well conceived content planning can take the social media marketing to a whole new level &  efforts made can help produce content that is consistently relevant and useful to the audiences. The content planning will help keeping the goals and objectives of the social media strategy in sharp focus, forcing to streamline the marketing messages.

It may also cater to the needs of staying systematic and well-organized for quenching the thirst of being a level up on CMMI levels. There are some areas of focus,

  • The major content which will be published
  • The timing of the content delivery
  • Which websites the posts would scroll and republished
  • Reaching amongst the right group as planned
  • Tracing and tracking of the content via reporting

Plan the content for the Social Media Marketing

There is a  need to know and understand who will be following the content which is being published over the social networks, so that it could be determined as to what these readers want or need to know from the content, what they like and dislike and where they congregate. This should be one way to build the content plan and social media marketing thoughts can surround the  audience’s needs and wants, ensuring that the content stays relevant. To sustain the engagement with the audiences, the content can be broken down to public’s concerns into manageable chunks and space out the inputs across a period of time.

Now we can get into the nuts and bolts of your plan, including specific dates for when the is the content to be published, and to which social networks these will be posted. There will arise a need to build an editorial calendar to lay your content out and give you a clear view of the big picture. It would be useful fact that mapping out the right keywords is extremely necessary so as to be recognized or stand up in a crowd of such numbers.

You should also consider the formats of the content you will be posting, and how often you will be posting these. Tools that automate the posting process allow you to easily plan and program your posts, then automatically take care of sending these for you to the corresponding social networks.One such tool that takes much of the effort out of content planning and posting is Isis Toolbox. This free suite of social networking utilities lets you plan ahead for your content, then automates posting to the popular social networks. This offers excellent advantages and reduces the effort required to roll out your social media marketing activities.

Attending an Issue

The content becomes truly valuable if it helps people solve tricky or persistent problems. Focus on a problem that affects a large part of the target community, then craft content that helps to address these problems. This should form the core of your content plan.

Making Social Media Marketing More Efficient

Following a content plan makes you more efficient at social media marketing. Engaging users requires ample time and enough preparation. Without a plan to guide you through the process, crafting relevant content becomes nothing more than a creative guessing game that threatens to spiral out of control, monopolizing your time and preventing you from effectively responding to market opportunities.

By planning ahead and plotting out how you will engage your users with compelling content, you can realize the benefits and enjoy the rewards of social media.

More to come on Social Media…


Whilst all my research and analysis on various domains is on, retail segment caught my eye on a special note when I considered Europe’s recent economic ups and downs. The entire community was worried that should we be hit by the 2008 wave of recession, it would be a suicidal call for middle-man, no chance of survival for the poor anyway.

Things eventually shaped but situation wasn’t that bad and I could see a rosy picture back in early FY-13. The spending power of people comes from what they earn and obviously the earning comes from the business houses which are expected to sustain profits by the last quarter of FY-11. There is an excellent trend emerging, that of online shopping for almost everything in life. Be it any country, it is emerging at a rate of 208%/month. In this league,, the no. 1 retailer chain of UK, is following certain trends withing their web-portal which are fascinating on one end but there are some more things I would like to jot down for especially Tesco but it may apply to other retailer chains, online shopping portals etc. also.


First of all, I would like to compliment the web-designing team of Tesco for doing a great web-work for However, it is rightly said that “Implementing imperfect thinking perfectly, is perfect” so, every time you make a change, there is scope of another change. Hence, I am coming up with my analysis over

I will be segmenting my analysis into 3 phases.

Phase I – Limitations & Suggestions

Phase II – Analytical Pointers

Phase III – UI pointers

Phase I

Limitations and suggestions I felt:

1)     To reach the end product, is taking time, resulting waste of resource

2)     Options of listening a clip of a song

3)     First time buyer should be equally treated to a regular buyer

4)     Suggestion box, apart from the feedback box.

5)     Project a cart: Prompting to buy – Pushing the idea into a head – Advanced marketing

6)     Have a flash of offer of the week, month

7)     Hourly ticker deals – if you find a offer less than this

8)     You can sell everything at one roof but not banking, it’s a separate domain & should be separate

9)     Mid-season sale – should be highlighted, not a pop-up window but as a cover ad – Too much of red shouldn’t be there – Red is considered to be the color of #Danger

10) About Tesco should be placed in bar at the upper side

11) Grocery look/shelf look as soon as you say “Start Shopping”

Phase II

1)     We can introduce something called as express shopping; this may also promote over the other websites

2)     65%-70% are researchers, locking them there would be a great deal by uplifting a ticker

3)     Brand loyalty or showcasing the high value brand in gift area as a dummy

4)     A rectangular look can also be geometrically changed into a circular view with a family into it, like at one coordinate it’s the mother/housewife, opposite to that sits father/guardian, then a child, then a teenager

5)     Do not scare off the crows as soon as they sit on the bench you want, therefore, the 1st line of free standard delivery only on spending $15 should not be the 1st you read, in Tesco Books

Phase III

1)     16:9 / 4:3 – What about the empty space? More decoration is possible

2)     A Halloween Curtain by which we enter

Also, if I had to name a new market for Tesco at this point of time or early FY-12, United Arab Emirates(UAE) focusing the very upcoming, capital city, Abu Dhabi and the all-time cosmopolitan city of Dubai.

Disclaimer: The above analysis, views, suggestions, propositions are solely done by me and no market-research company is involved in the same. Also, it has no-criticism and no relation to any individual or business-house.

Awkward Moments Collection

Along in daily life, there are a lot of awkward moments which you come across and I take the privilege to collect many of them.

1) The awkward moment when you tell a joke and you’re the only one who laughs.

2) The awkward moment when your sarcasm isn’t understood in a text.

3) The awkward moment when 15 year olds tweet about relationship and you’re all alone.

4) The awkward moment when you realize that you texted the wrong person.

5) That awkward moment when you shout the wrong answer in class with confidence.

6) The awkward moment when you’re hungry but you won’t go downstairs because a ghost/spirit might take/scare you.

7) That awkward moment when you get dumped for the stupidest reason after being faithful during the whole relationship.

8) That awkward moment when someone asks you what’s wrong and they’re the problem.

9) The awkward moment when you get that weird shiver and look like a freak.

10) The awkward moment when you find an old conversation of someone you cared about but don’t talk to anymore.

11) The awkward moment when your arab friend says, “I’m the bomb!”

12) The awkward moment when your mom shouts, ”I need to talk to you” and you think of everything you could have done wrong.

13) The awkward moment when you forget someone’s name, so you wait for someone else to say it so you’ll know.

14) That awkward moment when somebody is doing dishes and you slowly put another dish in the sink.

15) The awkward moment when you mess up on a word while you’re yelling at someone.

16) The awkward moment when someone thinks they’re smarter when clearly you’re correct but they won’t admit.

17) The awkward moment when you realize that love actually makes you do stupid things.

18) The awkward moment when you’re eating dinner at someone else’s house and you don’t like the food, but you have to pretend to like it.

19) The awkward moment when you are trying to be quiet, but your bones start cracking.

20) The awkward moment when somebody ask you something and you want to say ‘NO’ but if you do It’d be rude so you end up saying ‘YES’.

21) The awkward moment when your ex is hotter than before.

22) That awkward moment when you hand someone your phone to show them one picture and then they start scrolling through the rest without asking.

23) That awkward moment when you lay down to take a nap and end up waking up the next day.

24) The awkward moment when a little kids stares at you like you have done something wrong.

25) The awkward moment when you take a flight in full fare to go meet someone but forget to call them and they’re not in town for the weekend.

26) That awkward moment when everyone is comparing their grades and you’re the only one that failed.

27) The awkward moment when she KNEW u liked him… And went after him anyway.

28) The awkward moment when u catch a fly with a plastic bag & u open it to see if u got it – only to have it fly out & into ur face.

29) The awkward moment when you stretch your hand to fix the luggage in the plane and you come to know that your midriff/boxers are on show.

30) That awkward moment when you’ve to pair up with your sister for a couple dance at a wedding.

31) That awkward moment when someone remembers your name but you have NO clue who they are.

32) That awkward moment when you realize that you’ve been pronouncing a word wrong your entire life and someday, you’re corrected by your own child.

33) That awkward moment when You have 10 minutes left for your exam, And suddenly you remember EVERYTHING.

34) That awkward moment when you wake up at 6 and you can’t remember what day of the week it is and you end up sleeping again.

35) That Awkward moment of Silence on the phone when you are newly engaged.

36) That awkward moment when your dentist keeps asking you questions while their hands are in your mouth.

37) That awkward moment when you laugh so hard and your eyes get watery, and people think you`re crying and stop talking, rather stare at you.

38) The awkward moment when you order a diet Coke along with a double-cheese big mac and get stares from the person behind you.

39) That awkward moment when an automatic door doesnt open for you.

40) That awkward moment when someone asks you about something had no idea about and still you answer.

41) That awkward moment when your kindness is mistaken with flirting.

42) That awkward moment when you laugh randomly because you remembered something super funny, in a serious meeting.

43) That awkward moment when someone says, “you two should date!”

44) The awkward moment when you prepare an answer in your mind but you end up starting with the last phrase of the answer.

45) The awkward moment when your phone rings in class, and everyone stares at you.

46) That awkward moment when you finish a math problem in confidence and your answer isn’t even one of the choices.

47) The awkward moment,when you’re alone with someone you just met.

48) That awkward moment during an argument when you realize you’re completely wrong.

49) The awkward moment when a person asks what the next stop is on the local train.

50) The awkward moment when you stretch you hand to shake it with a friend but timing goes wrong and you’ve to pull it back.

Tough Night!

What is it when you call a night, “A tough night”

There are a series of events which can co-relate to the same. I will list them below:

1) You’ve returned home at night, after the 5th round of interview hoping that, next morning can employ you.

2) A close member of your family has passed away and they await your arrival for the funeral, the next morning.

3) You commit a mistake, which has effect something drastically, could result in end of something, the next morning.

4) You come home and find your have been robbed and await until morning, till your roommate steps in, who accidentally/carelessly left the door open.

5) You park your damaged car silently under the hood, the next morning should be a one on one with your father.

6) Your loved one say, “its over” and next morning, it really is.

7) When someone doesn’t kiss you online, does not even say “good night” and get offline, there’s nothing you can do about it until next morning.

8) You have an early morning flight of 12 hours and its 03:00 in morning and you’ve not slept yet.

9) Your Boss has given you a task, you failed to complete the same and it feels like morning, already.

10) Examination hall’s imagination, planning a seating arrangement to cheat and by morning, realizing that studying would have helped.

11) When your mother asked not to do something & yet you did it and she has slept for the night, you just hope the next morning your father takes her for a holiday.

12) Your car broke on a highway, no-one to toe it, of course, all you do is wait in your car until morning.

13) When BBM stops working, this has happened to all the BlackBerry users, they just wished for a BBM morning.

14) You witness a crime scene and try to forget those images & by morning, you cannot feel better.

15) Waiting outside an operation theater in a hospital and Dr. says, I can only give a feed on the patient in morning.

This is what generally happens in a normal life of a normal person and we happen to live with all these events, there can be more and it only makes this night tough to think about more, therefore I finish with 15. Match them with your life, I guarantee 8 matches for everyone who reads this.

An engineer’s view towards heavy profile jobs

Confused? (Caution: Do not read if you are confused…)

Its not entirely true when it is said, whatever happens, happens for good. Many a times it is just happens because it has to happen and all our lives we have no answer as to why it had happened. This is what has happened recently, by recently I surely mean some 5-6 years span of time. Of course “engineering” forces a person to think in a technical way even if something doesn’t requires such thinking. Engineers are anyway full of hope even if it is the last few seconds and they are way behind scoring, please keep the films apart, they can show anything but reality isn’t that pretty.

As a growing up individual, my decisions were reconciled by parents/learned people around or I should say, they had a strong influence in the entire process, this generally happens if you are not a merit holder, which makes many of us fall in the majority. So, after +2, I was sent to an engineering college to become a successful engineer with my technical hat on my head  & believe me I started thinking in a very different manner about things, all the things. This included even the further plans. Now, it happens so, that I continue to not study in my engineering, wait for the last minute for exam papers leak or important questions by a friendly professor and result is flunking in one or a couple of subjects for the semesters but who worry’s? We get a chance every year till we do it right. And all this while I follow the engineering dream of flashing an ID badge of an IT giant, at that time we call it a “High-Profile Job”, of course things are not all the same from then & now. But yet, dream is a dream, so dreaming more and studying less made me end up in a messy situation where-in my parents/learned people’s advise came in picture once again influencing my decision yet again. Now, I start working in a relatively small company, shrinking the size of my dream to some extent. Now, not even a month passes and stupid technical hat makes us think of “higher education” to sit on the head of a crowd of 10 people at least. There I start to deviate from the actual learning to stupid MCQs which might get me through some further technical stuff or management conceptualizes. In pursuit of that, a hunt begins to acquire a seat in the best car we can get. We miss some, we slam the doors of some and we started dreaming of the best one, yet again.

Now, somehow, we land decently and start a new life, leaving behind the actual learning which we should have taken. Time passes by and things happen by itself. A crucial time comes when it comes to dream of “heavy profile job” again. Having “Engineering” already in the bag-pack, we put in management over it and it somehow suppressing the bachelors. And this is how it goes for majority. If you are recruited in campus, you are a fool to leave it but all engineers come with a fool’s tag, at least most of them. And then the market research begins, again hunting starts according to the dream. Some engineers, now management people are pulled back by parents/learned people to sit back and struggle in their own territories, some starts up ventures of their own and some keep struggling in the fields having no referrals at all.

A big problem lands up on the interview’s table as he/she isn’t able to categorize the personality with a couple of degrees and having a little of real-time experience. So, if you are categorized in terms of your engineering, it bugs you and if you are categorized in terms of your management study, it again bugs you but this time, its more scary as you don’t know how it is. But still, the dream of “Heavy Profile Jobs” does not go. Ideal statement: “I wish to be a CEO, I know its a cliche but imagine how it is to stand in your own office on a top floor of a tall building overlooking the city” and the only people who faint after listening to this is parents/learned people.

Let me tell you, some live this dream and some have to shrink it again at this level. The only answer to this entire confusion is “Study from the beginning” or “Do not study at all”. Do not stay in the middle, I repeat, do not stay in the middle. Do not dream of a heavy profile job after your studies, rather think of creating one, if you are not studying. It will definitely help. Life is not a Chandler’s dictionary of Sheldon’s qualification, its much more. Give it a chance. And dream accordingly.