BlackBerry Woes

So, if you have bought a new BlackBerry Phone and face the following issues/problems, this post is definitely for you. For others do read for a good laugh & learning.

a) Unable to register your BlackBerry device on any service provider/wireless network.

b) “edge” in lowercase.

b) BlackBerry 7.0 Bundle.

c) Unable to reach BlackBerry Customer Support.

First of all, I will describe my case of fresh new BlackBerry Bold 9900 bought from another country (UAE), being used in another (India). With that I get to hear all kinds of shit from the Telecom Companies in India and believe me when I say this, out of a 1,170,938,000 & counting  population of this country, I was the very first one to face this kind of a problem**.

Problem: BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) requested on Airtel which usually gets activated in less than 2 hours, maximizes up to 24 hours & my device is somehow not able to register itself on the wireless network, without which I have no services.

So, it reaches to the maximum limit and I start complaining about the same and all I got was troubleshooting steps with my  BB which were the hard reboot, maual selection of the network, single 2G selection, try to register manually through the Host Routing Table etc. & believe me when I say this, to which ever level this issue was escalated, they all made me do these steps almost every time. Now, 48 hours pass, 72 hours pass but the issue stays unresolved. I will skip the details (coz they are way too many & funny as a stand up) and jump to day 10 where Airtel returns my money and apologizes and I apologized with them too. However, I would share one funny liner given to me by one of the executives at the BlackBerry Helpline for Airtel (7070), Mr. X says, Sir, you must be trying it in same location all the time, have you tried going to the balcony and do it? 😀

“I know, no one can stop laughing at this one.”

Anyway, now, I attach with Aircel and go with the same process & trust me, they are less funnier than Airtel people. But I am given the similar troubleshooting methods but no result. By this time, my doubt on the device starts to build up. But Aircel assures me that they will fix it. But after a week’s time, they are also helpless with it. By the way, I paid here also.

I attach with Vodafone now, thankfully, I connect with a local person who was using Vodafone BlackBerry services already and I try inserting his sim card in my device and we are sure now. Its NOT WORKING either. But yeah, they were also rude enough to wash their hands off saying that the set is not bought from India so we really cannot say anything. (Guys, I could have MNP’d with you, if you would have been decent enough to actually go out of the way and check with someone from BlackBerry Worldwide because that was exactly the next step, or even suggested me the same)

By this time, I am totally depressed and feel that I’ve really made a mistake buying a BlackBerry. So, I try the stupid Software Bundle Downgrade/Upgrade as well on the advice of someone wearing a BlackBerry t-shirt at a local dealer. Every one calls him the BlackBerry guy. Every engineering college student will know more than him. Pay attention, BlackBerry.


In the end, SOLUTION: I use BlackBerry Technical Support page (;jsessionid=POKTu6TZGBNd7YKOtntduw**.node1?ft=partner) to write my issue to them. They took a while & responded demanding for the proof of my purchase, Pin & IMEI of the device. On having that they escalated the issue but took a while to finally say me, “I should be calling them”. After all the above I’ve gone through, BlackBerry asks me to call them, on I don’t know what number? Yes, I got pissed off but I guess they were right because, when I called their worldwide number (+1-647-426-1108) with the reference number which was generated & provided me on my email, the person resolved my issue in 5 minutes.

Reason given to me: Some BlackBerry devices are region specific, for security purpose, they get blocked on the BlackBerry Server automatically as soon as they leave that specific region/country. I didn’t get much of it but didn’t dig any further because all I ever wanted was my BlackBerry Internet Services to start & I was up and running already which I was on call to this Worldwide number which actually is in #Canada. 🙂

Lessons learnt:

  • If your “edge” is in lower case and device is not getting registered, just write the issue to BlackBerry Technical Support & do as they say.
  • If your “EDGE” is in upper case and device fails to register, contact your service provider for re-provision of your number or sim-card replacement.
  • Do not trust blindly on anyone because he/she is wearing a BlackBerry t-shirt. Never ever give the device for any service book installation, JVM installations, Bundle upgrade/downgrade because it has nothing to do with BlackBerry Internet Services.
  • And for that particular poor customer service employee, try doing it from your Balcony also 😀 (Don’t)

Free Advice to all Telecom Companies/Telecom Service Providers/Mobile Networks/BlackBerry Service Providers in #India:

Know your customer, understand the case thoroughly & put your best people with in & out knowledge, for resolution. If the case goes pending for more than 48 hours, make sure either you shut down or get the customer the resolution in next 2 hours. Have a special SWAT TEAM in place. For a population like us, we desperately need it. And most importantly, stop giving the excuses for WEEKENDS.

Advice to Redington, India:

You represent the BlackBerry in India <—— “Please read this line over & over again”

Anyone who has come to India with a BlackBerry which he hasn’t bought from you, doesn’t mean he has made a crime & you cannot help him with a small issue especially when that individual is just asking what can be the possible reason behind not getting the registration with the wireless networks. I called up your call centre number almost 15 times & spoke to different people & trust me, you all were racist.

Lastly, advice to BlackBerry:

I am a normal person, doesn’t know how to even operate BlackBerry completely but after all I’ve gone through, I seriously feel like selling it off soon. I agree to the fact that I might be an unfortunate one of the happy crowd but trust me, negative air spreads twice as quickly as positive. So, maintain your standards, spread right knowledge across; to the all BlackBerry Users, BlackBerry Service Providers & BlackBerry resellers.

P.S: The above views are my own and the case history have proper reference. Should anyone need them, follow up with me, please.

**Source: Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel.


Untitled Questions

Really, what do you do when you are out of words? When you really are feeling mixed, when you are really wanting to talk, no matter what time of the 24 hour day it is, when you have no one around to see you as to how do you look, when you end up clicking your own picture from your cellphone and smile over it, when the morning does not keep any significance to you, neither do the noon or eve, when you see the offers but don’t feel like buying it, when you are given a good news and all you could do is smile or congratulate in a low voice, when you are really mixed up in your own head, like I am now!

What does really happen then?

We suppose to leave everything on time? That it will be fixing everything for us, well, *news flash*, you don’t have to beg “time” to fix things for you. It eventually does. Question still lies for the phase we just go through. For some it is a jiffy and for others its long as their lives. What do we really do?

If something doesn’t work for us, why do we tend to leave it and if left why do we remember it? A day in my chair is not equivalent to the day in a boat across the lake. Now, what happens to the same nature person? We feel gravity on ground but what happens to us in water? If it was always about connecting with people, every foreigner knows it than why do locals fail to understand it? If they do, what happens to the “unity” concept?

Run after excellence, success would follow you all by itself. Works only for 4 out of 100. So? Other 94 should commit suicide?