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Its a thank you to everyone on my TL and who’s TL I am on, thank you so much guys and hope we have a long time to share

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10 tips to Blogging

“Blogging came from Blogs, Blogs came from writers – Myself”

When we try to write something, its always from our perspective, this is a fact. Therefore, here are some 10 pointers you can keep in mind while writing/creating/adding content to your own space:

1. Think of your Audience

2. Build Relationships, engage online across all Social Media platforms

3. Use a branded header, position yourself to who you are

4. Explain your blog well via synopsis

5. Watch your tone, don’t get too personal about anything if its not personal

6. Be original, two people can think alike but not word-by-word

7. Avoid the fluff, let your content take the fire itself

8. Diversify your content

9. Engage your blog visitors

10. Have a blog trend, don’t write about fashion and food at the same time