Can someone be a real “charmist”? Damn, I thought that was a word, until word gave me a red-flag.Charm

Anyhow, question remains the same, can someone withdraw your entire focus and drain down your energy in just a jiffy? Answer cannot be in a yes or no. There has to be a pro-longed explanation to this. Like how the light in a campfire, lits everyone’s face, like how the leaves from a tree fall, like how smell of home-cooked meal travels, like how the motion of a tyre suggests, it’s going backwards, like how the second’s hand in your wrist watch ticks; these connotations can only lead the way. Reaching for the green light across the ocean coming from the light house can be one of the most fascinating feelings ever. So, what does charm has to do with all this? Well, charm brings us elements we require to feel the air and what’s in it. It can be solicited with romance easily but hold on; I am not there, yet!

I am not essentially talking about all the visible or the beautiful icons; I am talking inner-sanctum. So, unless it comes from with-in; directly from the combinatorial effect of heart & mind, it’s not charm. Heart might easily release its feelings but mind acts as a security guard and checks its protocols before anything is allowed a “facial expression”.

The dreams of childhood still fit in everyone’s daily life, some conveniently choose to ignore it, some follow it, and some take it as a commotion. But one’s with charm always keep those dreams in their minds with an imagination of getting hold of a magic wand someday & spearing it all out for real. Well, let me tell you, it may work for them. Because, I don’t know who said it, but it’s a fact that “With dreams, you will reach no-where, can’t reach anywhere without ‘em either”. Hence, it becomes a connection of a chain reaction within one and; only comes to the face with a glow; the dilation of pupils is the very first noticeable reaction – Now that’s CHARM!

Charm Girl

Ever felt it?


Attention Audience!

How about an attention seeking experience. Will it be called “desperation” in terms of Social Media?

Answer is “NO”.

There is a good percentage of people who are up for a new experience, any given point of time. Hence, potential, opportunities which are hard to breach, otherwise. So, what do you do? Lot of people/ agencies I know, choose to ignore because of monetary cautions. I clearly state it every time that these types of experiences if given in any event/ meeting, in my previous article of “Events & Social Media Numbers”.

I had some quality experience with Costa Coffee Team in the UAE. It was a blend of their trade secret recipe and marketing event with a bunch of Socially active people. The agenda was the launch of their iphone app called “Costa Coffee” available at the app store.Of course, for now, it’s a regionally focused app where-in the concentration restraints to United Arab Emirates, essentially Dubai.

The app associates well with the brand, being of the same branded colors, ‘light maroon & cream’. It was pretty interesting as an overall experience because obviously it would contain the menu card but apart from that it has a puzzle game & music. Well, someone really smart came-up with that for sure. Locations of all Costa Stores across UAE are built-in courtesy, GMaps.

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I found it easy to use and pretty simple in the format it’s icons are placed. So good job Mr. Developer. One obvious addition I would make here is, launch it for Android & Windows as soon as you can.

Coming back to the Event, it has become a social norm to be socially involved with your key influences, in order to maintain the volumes of your buzz. A bunch of us who were learning the coffee art, or at least giving a shot for it… Honestly, it was fun, even though, I was not very much interested in that but always up for new experiences. Thanks for Costa Coffee UAE for hosting this event.