Twitter and Future

Do you see future of Twitter? ($TWTR). Honestly, I do.

You might wonder why am I saying so, as the world favors Facebook as most preferable network when their social life is concerned. The answer lies in the question itself; people turn to Facebook for Social Life. For daily life, people turn to Twitter. Hence, they both have different goals to achieve, different audience to please and different planning to do.

Twitter is something you can breathe and rely on, given you’ve some reading and researching skills alongside complete understanding of (#) hashtags.

Constant updates on Twitter for web with regards to usage and advertising have taken a stand since $TWTR launch on NYSE. This is a good sign but also backfires at the same time. How? If you’re accustomed to coffee with milk and I get you a black coffee, I am calling for some emotional drama.

Some sweet numbers:

Twitter Statistics 2014

I see a strong and solid yoy growth for $TWTR and given another decade, the picture of Social Media is going to be clear, whether it was just a wave or it is here to stay.