New Livery at first sight!

One of the fastest growing Airlines in the World, the Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi, UAE, have released their new livery on the upcoming Airbus A380 & Boeing 787, which will be flagship for this Airline.

The Presiden & CEO of Etihad Airways, James Hogan, explained that this geometry on the tail fin of these airplanes are a depiction of modern architecture of Abu Dhabi. He also announced that the A350-XWB should be coming in early next year. This would be really interesting to see especially with B787-800 already being in the Etihad Fleet.

Check out the official grand roll-out of the A380:

First A380 Rollout


Etihad NewLivery

Check out the livery painting:

I am going to cut it short and ask the basic question about the three high competitive gulf carriers going head-to-head with new airplanes, new routes & new products. Who is better & who is the best, only time will tell, again & again.

Let me just take a brief moment & say, size doesn’t matter; quality does & will. If your quality suck, you suck. Because even consumers doesn’t give you many chances.



Boeing 787-9 & Airbus A350-XWB

@BoeingAirplanes at Farnborough-2014 Airshow displayed majestic Dreamliner 787-9. Watch it here:


To this extra-ordinary state-of-the-art flying bird @Airbus is bringing Airbus A350-XWB in focus. Watch is here:

It cannot be fitting to say which of these two would be the best bet for the Airlines but certainly, both steal the hearts of #AvGeeks around the world with a few extra brownie points to Boeing.

The competition is going to be thick between these two particular airplanes. Although when Dreamliner first took the skies, it hit a few roadblocks due to the “Battery-failure” and safety standards but the air seems to be clear now. Whatever the case might be, it is certainly remaining in the skies for at least a century.

Airbus’s A350-XWB having Qatar Airways as it’s launch customer will take skies in early-mid 2015. They seem to have done some hard campaigning for this Aircraft by posting out the videos on each phase & tests of this airplane & made it seem like it’s damn robust to beat Airbus’s records. I am positive but not so. Only time will tell.

Relax & Enjoy!