One of the fastest growing Airlines in the World, the Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi, UAE, have released their new livery on the upcoming Airbus A380 & Boeing 787, which will be flagship for this Airline.

The Presiden & CEO of Etihad Airways, James Hogan, explained that this geometry on the tail fin of these airplanes are a depiction of modern architecture of Abu Dhabi. He also announced that the A350-XWB should be coming in early next year. This would be really interesting to see especially with B787-800 already being in the Etihad Fleet.

Check out the official grand roll-out of the A380:

First A380 Rollout


Etihad NewLivery

Check out the livery painting:

I am going to cut it short and ask the basic question about the three high competitive gulf carriers going head-to-head with new airplanes, new routes & new products. Who is better & who is the best, only time will tell, again & again.

Let me just take a brief moment & say, size doesn’t matter; quality does & will. If your quality suck, you suck. Because even consumers doesn’t give you many chances.



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