Advertising Mantras

By a veteran of the Advertising industry from Europe Ad week, here’s Bob Hoffman bashing almost all major publications, magazines, news agencies & big guns like Bill Gates. Really interesting delivery of speech and precise examples on every note and love his “quotes” and satire.

He talks about important lessons of Social Media Marketing and Digital Media Online vs. Traditional and Native TV advertising. By the end of this lecture, I almost felt like keeping it simple and to the concept is still the best approach towards Social Media Marketing. He stresses enough on my favorite facts & I quote:

“The Golden Era of Bullshit”

“Everyone seems to know the fairy tales & no one seems to know the facts”

“People say they’re passionate about brands… You’re what??? — Dude, get a fuckin girlfriend”

“Do yourself a favor, stop listening to big mouths like me, nobody is smarter than the truth, take the time to find out the facts for yourself, draw your own conclusions, allow yourself the wonderful freedom of skepticism”

– Bob Hoffman, ladies & gentlemen!


Election 2012 and Twitter

With over 22 Million Tweets and counting for the U.S. Presidential Elections, 2012 between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, on Nov. 6th, 2012, Barack Obama won the Elections when Mitt Romney accepted the defeat, hence for another term of 4 years from now, its Mr. President – Barack Obama, USA.

When it came to twitter, it was overflowing with several hashtags, most common being #Election2012″ Any other network didn’t had this kinda coverage of Elections, not sure of who wanted to see it or not. The world surely wanted Obama to stay but USA, wanted Romney, somehow. But that’s another chapter all together.

Whilst victory speech by Mr. President, Barack Obama, twitter went over capacity, twice and a tweet from white house from Barack Obama’s official account already made history by becoming the most retweeted tweet in the history of twitter, since 2006.

Here is a snapshot of the same, and I am sure it would have been retweeted even more than this.

Congratulations to the Democratic Party and First Lady, Mrs. Obama and family and lastly, Mr. President Barack Obama. God bless America and the world.