Why Passionate?

Since the day we are born, we are pampered, of course, some of us are pampered too much but don’t consider yourself lucky for that, you might be missing on something really important in life. As, there lies a huge difference in the people with a Passion &  people without a Passion. And yes, it has the connection to how we are raised to the day we start taking our own decisions.

I’ll rephrase the terms and call them “Passionate” & “Passionless”

When we are passionate about something, we tend to do everything in our power to raise satisfaction levels just because we love to do it… For instances:

1) Someone passionate about “Reading”, would read even on their honeymoon. #Duh!

2) Someone passionate about “Traveling” would make anything possible to travel around.

3) Someone passionate about “Love”, would definitely break out on all boundaries to get it.

So, it’s the bright side of life, it’s what makes a personality complete. With passion, for passion, we do everything we can to reach to a whole new level in life. The equation is also tweaked a little bit when someone is “Passionate” about Airplanes but currently is  into a totally different industry. Now, what happens with such personalities? Nothing much, they find hard to follow their passion, in such a manner that it could be called “Passion Enough”. Still, what could be done? Very much, he/she should find as many ways to read, learn and follow about what interests them the most & who knows, one day they come across a chance to work for that industry. As life is all about getting one OPPORTUNITY. No matter what, do not let your Passion die in you. If that happens, you’re half dead, the very day!

When we are Not Passionate or Passionless about anything around us, what is the motivating element? where are you headed? who is with you?

WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? There comes in the role of your parents/guardians, how did they raise you? Did they pamper you too much? Did all your work from beginning towards the end? In other words, made you Lousy?

If so, you definitely end up Passionless. Its not much of your fault but then it is when you don’t learn till the time is still on your hands.

It also happens when you’re complete looser in any field you jump into. Be definite that it doesn’t happens because of your stupidity, it happens because of your ignorance towards your heart. Because, you just tend to focus on the things which are soothing to your eye but never care about things that touch your heart.

Its takes a lot for anyone to build up a passion but on the other hand there are cases where it doesn’t take anything for one to build and follow their passion.

Being Passionate for something/someone will always give you motivation from inside but being Passionless will never give you anything positive in life. It has a simple structure “To be respected”, “To learn & grow”, “To be a team-player”, “To do meaningful stuff” & “To be on the winning side”. You just need to trust yourself so much that someone else is bound to trust you on every stage, that maybe your parents, employer or lover or the rest of the world.

I will add TALENT along with Passion as well. If you are keeping any talent with you, nurture it well and bang on well along with your passion. No one can stop you from becoming a ROCK-STAR or a celebrity in your own industry.

Have a PASSION, have a HEART that beats for that PASSION & if you still don’t have one, get started TODAY!

أهلا وسهلا


An engineer’s view towards heavy profile jobs

Confused? (Caution: Do not read if you are confused…)

Its not entirely true when it is said, whatever happens, happens for good. Many a times it is just happens because it has to happen and all our lives we have no answer as to why it had happened. This is what has happened recently, by recently I surely mean some 5-6 years span of time. Of course “engineering” forces a person to think in a technical way even if something doesn’t requires such thinking. Engineers are anyway full of hope even if it is the last few seconds and they are way behind scoring, please keep the films apart, they can show anything but reality isn’t that pretty.

As a growing up individual, my decisions were reconciled by parents/learned people around or I should say, they had a strong influence in the entire process, this generally happens if you are not a merit holder, which makes many of us fall in the majority. So, after +2, I was sent to an engineering college to become a successful engineer with my technical hat on my head  & believe me I started thinking in a very different manner about things, all the things. This included even the further plans. Now, it happens so, that I continue to not study in my engineering, wait for the last minute for exam papers leak or important questions by a friendly professor and result is flunking in one or a couple of subjects for the semesters but who worry’s? We get a chance every year till we do it right. And all this while I follow the engineering dream of flashing an ID badge of an IT giant, at that time we call it a “High-Profile Job”, of course things are not all the same from then & now. But yet, dream is a dream, so dreaming more and studying less made me end up in a messy situation where-in my parents/learned people’s advise came in picture once again influencing my decision yet again. Now, I start working in a relatively small company, shrinking the size of my dream to some extent. Now, not even a month passes and stupid technical hat makes us think of “higher education” to sit on the head of a crowd of 10 people at least. There I start to deviate from the actual learning to stupid MCQs which might get me through some further technical stuff or management conceptualizes. In pursuit of that, a hunt begins to acquire a seat in the best car we can get. We miss some, we slam the doors of some and we started dreaming of the best one, yet again.

Now, somehow, we land decently and start a new life, leaving behind the actual learning which we should have taken. Time passes by and things happen by itself. A crucial time comes when it comes to dream of “heavy profile job” again. Having “Engineering” already in the bag-pack, we put in management over it and it somehow suppressing the bachelors. And this is how it goes for majority. If you are recruited in campus, you are a fool to leave it but all engineers come with a fool’s tag, at least most of them. And then the market research begins, again hunting starts according to the dream. Some engineers, now management people are pulled back by parents/learned people to sit back and struggle in their own territories, some starts up ventures of their own and some keep struggling in the fields having no referrals at all.

A big problem lands up on the interview’s table as he/she isn’t able to categorize the personality with a couple of degrees and having a little of real-time experience. So, if you are categorized in terms of your engineering, it bugs you and if you are categorized in terms of your management study, it again bugs you but this time, its more scary as you don’t know how it is. But still, the dream of “Heavy Profile Jobs” does not go. Ideal statement: “I wish to be a CEO, I know its a cliche but imagine how it is to stand in your own office on a top floor of a tall building overlooking the city” and the only people who faint after listening to this is parents/learned people.

Let me tell you, some live this dream and some have to shrink it again at this level. The only answer to this entire confusion is “Study from the beginning” or “Do not study at all”. Do not stay in the middle, I repeat, do not stay in the middle. Do not dream of a heavy profile job after your studies, rather think of creating one, if you are not studying. It will definitely help. Life is not a Chandler’s dictionary of Sheldon’s qualification, its much more. Give it a chance. And dream accordingly.