Attention Audience!

How about an attention seeking experience. Will it be called “desperation” in terms of Social Media?

Answer is “NO”.

There is a good percentage of people who are up for a new experience, any given point of time. Hence, potential, opportunities which are hard to breach, otherwise. So, what do you do? Lot of people/ agencies I know, choose to ignore because of monetary cautions. I clearly state it every time that these types of experiences if given in any event/ meeting, in my previous article of “Events & Social Media Numbers”.

I had some quality experience with Costa Coffee Team in the UAE. It was a blend of their trade secret recipe and marketing event with a bunch of Socially active people. The agenda was the launch of their iphone app called “Costa Coffee” available at the app store.Of course, for now, it’s a regionally focused app where-in the concentration restraints to United Arab Emirates, essentially Dubai.

The app associates well with the brand, being of the same branded colors, ‘light maroon & cream’. It was pretty interesting as an overall experience because obviously it would contain the menu card but apart from that it has a puzzle game & music. Well, someone really smart came-up with that for sure. Locations of all Costa Stores across UAE are built-in courtesy, GMaps.

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I found it easy to use and pretty simple in the format it’s icons are placed. So good job Mr. Developer. One obvious addition I would make here is, launch it for Android & Windows as soon as you can.

Coming back to the Event, it has become a social norm to be socially involved with your key influences, in order to maintain the volumes of your buzz. A bunch of us who were learning the coffee art, or at least giving a shot for it… Honestly, it was fun, even though, I was not very much interested in that but always up for new experiences. Thanks for Costa Coffee UAE for hosting this event.



The Social Keyboard

So, I am sure, a lot of you would have thought of it but my question is, why is it still not there?

Out of tons, the keyboard manufacturing companies, of course, I can only name a few such as ‘Microsoft’, ‘Apple’, ‘Dell’, ‘Logitech’, ‘hp’ etc. none of them came up with this. Why?

The Social Media Keyboard
The Social Media Keyboard

How cool would it be to have an Enhanced keyboard which is so much internet savvy, good for the conglomerates involved in mass communication, media and teenagers, of course. Yeah, that’s too much of a cliché.

But is that just because of a company patent war? Of course, I understand every one wants to be the no. 1 in terms of branding; but can you stop the battle for a second and actually be human-centric? Lets do it the people way!

My Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia, a mobile phone company, really close to my heart because almost 7 years I user Nokia 6630 and I never faced a single problem with the Symbian OS which was more or less Nokia’s spinal cord for quite sometime. But none the less; it’s back with a bang with Flagship Lumia series of 510, 520, 61o, 620, 720, 800, 820, 900 and 920.Nokia Lumia 920 with Box Packing

With the courtesy of Nokia, UAE, I had an opportunity to use and review the Lumia 920 (yellow). The box unlike the old big packaging, was sorted as that of an iphone/S3/BB z10. It contained the phone, charger (USB) and earphones. I was totally delighted to receive the same.

With first looks, it looks like the first love, I will be a little biased here. Because I wasn’t impressed with iphone’s or S3’s first look out of their packages. The embossed screen from the body, looks pretty. Finally time to boot, impressive and a quick one just as Win 8 takes in any new machine.

Below created is a table of it’s positives; neutral and negative facts:

For every smartphone now a days, there are these three categories, depending upon what kind of usage you are seeking. For Lumia especially, there are a lot more positives than negatives. Neutral would be the features, which are readily available in almost all the smartphones these days. Will not completely brag but Lumia or let me say Windows 8 OS, gives some disadvantages to the handset, such as ‘file sharing’ and ‘skype’. They are difficult to understand. For example; I couldn’t sign out once I signed into my skype account; What if I have two accounts for different purposes?

I cannot possibly list each & everything out of my limited usage but here I go:

Some basic facts have already been pointed out; there and by how you use your phone; things change then. But I would straight away give my comparison to iphone and android flagship be it Samsung or HTC, it stands out. Plus I wouldn’t call the app store developed; the third party applications are scare and are in a short-supply but they are surely keeping an eye on the same and on-going development is foreseen from here.

In addition to everything I would also answer one key question: “Who is it made for?” or “What type of people should buy it?”

Clearly, Nokia Lumia & Windows 8 are not made for all. There is a specific set of people who should be buying it. Nokia-Lumia-920-colors

  • It is made for people who remain satisfied with their phones and are not frequent on changing their handsets no matter for what.
  • Made for people who are kind of addicted to Social Media, Gaming, heavy calling and frequent messaging.
  • Made for people who love music and photography.
  • It is not open source, so techies strictly be away from it.

Overall my rating: 4.0/5