Recruiter’s point of view

If you are a job-seeker or wish to change your job & even if you are expecting recruiters to call you unexpectedly, you will have to take care of your profiles over the web.

If you are none of the above, kindly do not read any further.

JOB, everyone dreams about getting a good job… and for that study hard, do certifications, attend personality development classes and what not… But there is a major aspect in day to day life which you might tend to miss while busy trying to stand out from the crowd to be noticed. It is your own personality over the “internet”. Since interview processes give a very small time window to assess the individual’s capabilities and alignment to the organisation’s values and culture,getting to know them a bit more personally helps.“Social media searches give insights into aspects of the candidate that are not normally mentioned on their resumes. However, not everything of the web can be trusted.“It is also important to realise that the social media profiles of individuals are channels of self-expressions. They cannot be taken as formal documents of submission for review. Sometimes, some information needs to be deliberately ignored in order to ensure that the decision isn’t discriminatory in nature. The search can be conducted by the HR and a report highlighting the red flags can be submitted to the person who will make the final decision.What can constitute as a red flag? 1) drug references; 2) defamatory speech towards the company/customers; 3) a high volume of status updates,which could signal a lack of productivity at work and 4) explicit photos – to name a few. “The hirers may want to make sure that they will not be exposed to litigation/embarrassments by hiring persons who are prone to exhibiting highly deviant behaviour on social sites.

The search is generally a step-wise procedure which generally consists of the following:

  1. Candidate’s full name is searched on – Basic Search Engine search
  2. Google generally generates, the links to the profile over social networking websites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BlogSpot, Digg, WordPress, Orkut etc.
  3. Facebook settings, if not private, may expose almost all the content on your profile. – Facebook Assessment over the kind of social circle you maintain & posts from you
  4. Twitter is open to all on a maximum note & whatever you generally tweet about, counts. – Watch what you write, it might get assessed
  5. LinkedIn profile should be up to date and should match your Resume also. – First cross-check is here
  6. Blogspot/Wordpress or other blog-profiles are closely watched for the type of content you write about. – Blog is a clear representation of what kind of attitude you carry in life.
  7. What kind of links are you looking & sharing go up on the digg! – Share with safety

After doing a thorough research, the above data is again reviewed for the generic things like, pictures, links, videos, audio’s(if any), volume of activeness, awareness of the social market. It can be sometimes hard on your career, if you are quite frank in expressing yourself over the web but on the other hand it can sometimes, increase your chances. It completely depends upon the person, who is judging you. Of course, these profiles are not the final sayer’s in the decision making but they effect it by more than 50%.

So, effective today, stay focused, stay in a closed group, stay calm on social issues, give your opinion with a disclaimer and most importantly, take care of the pictures which you are posting. Below picture can explain much of the things, if you think it makes you look cool, having your profile over everything, please, watch it, it might eat you up.


An engineer’s view towards heavy profile jobs

Confused? (Caution: Do not read if you are confused…)

Its not entirely true when it is said, whatever happens, happens for good. Many a times it is just happens because it has to happen and all our lives we have no answer as to why it had happened. This is what has happened recently, by recently I surely mean some 5-6 years span of time. Of course “engineering” forces a person to think in a technical way even if something doesn’t requires such thinking. Engineers are anyway full of hope even if it is the last few seconds and they are way behind scoring, please keep the films apart, they can show anything but reality isn’t that pretty.

As a growing up individual, my decisions were reconciled by parents/learned people around or I should say, they had a strong influence in the entire process, this generally happens if you are not a merit holder, which makes many of us fall in the majority. So, after +2, I was sent to an engineering college to become a successful engineer with my technical hat on my head  & believe me I started thinking in a very different manner about things, all the things. This included even the further plans. Now, it happens so, that I continue to not study in my engineering, wait for the last minute for exam papers leak or important questions by a friendly professor and result is flunking in one or a couple of subjects for the semesters but who worry’s? We get a chance every year till we do it right. And all this while I follow the engineering dream of flashing an ID badge of an IT giant, at that time we call it a “High-Profile Job”, of course things are not all the same from then & now. But yet, dream is a dream, so dreaming more and studying less made me end up in a messy situation where-in my parents/learned people’s advise came in picture once again influencing my decision yet again. Now, I start working in a relatively small company, shrinking the size of my dream to some extent. Now, not even a month passes and stupid technical hat makes us think of “higher education” to sit on the head of a crowd of 10 people at least. There I start to deviate from the actual learning to stupid MCQs which might get me through some further technical stuff or management conceptualizes. In pursuit of that, a hunt begins to acquire a seat in the best car we can get. We miss some, we slam the doors of some and we started dreaming of the best one, yet again.

Now, somehow, we land decently and start a new life, leaving behind the actual learning which we should have taken. Time passes by and things happen by itself. A crucial time comes when it comes to dream of “heavy profile job” again. Having “Engineering” already in the bag-pack, we put in management over it and it somehow suppressing the bachelors. And this is how it goes for majority. If you are recruited in campus, you are a fool to leave it but all engineers come with a fool’s tag, at least most of them. And then the market research begins, again hunting starts according to the dream. Some engineers, now management people are pulled back by parents/learned people to sit back and struggle in their own territories, some starts up ventures of their own and some keep struggling in the fields having no referrals at all.

A big problem lands up on the interview’s table as he/she isn’t able to categorize the personality with a couple of degrees and having a little of real-time experience. So, if you are categorized in terms of your engineering, it bugs you and if you are categorized in terms of your management study, it again bugs you but this time, its more scary as you don’t know how it is. But still, the dream of “Heavy Profile Jobs” does not go. Ideal statement: “I wish to be a CEO, I know its a cliche but imagine how it is to stand in your own office on a top floor of a tall building overlooking the city” and the only people who faint after listening to this is parents/learned people.

Let me tell you, some live this dream and some have to shrink it again at this level. The only answer to this entire confusion is “Study from the beginning” or “Do not study at all”. Do not stay in the middle, I repeat, do not stay in the middle. Do not dream of a heavy profile job after your studies, rather think of creating one, if you are not studying. It will definitely help. Life is not a Chandler’s dictionary of Sheldon’s qualification, its much more. Give it a chance. And dream accordingly.