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6 years ago, a new major Social Media service was launched, called “Twitter“, purely on the concept of “tweeting of birds”, applied to human context as “chirpy human beings”. This writing consists of Twitter, its usage, its worth & changes it has brought into particular industries.

To crystallize, I am not talking about a Social phenomenon of networking in a closed community, its about raising your own voice to what you wish. Therefore, we can rule out facebook from this article to the core.

A very fact that Twitter was launched in July, 2006, gained popularity in no-time with over 600+ million users in current date generating over 400 million tweets & 2 billion search queries approximately, on daily basis. These numbers can be impressive to anyone across the planet, I believe. It was the first web-service to be called as SMS of internet since its tweets are limited to 140 characters which was also termed as “Micro-blogging”.

The one thing you can say for certain about Twitter is that it makes a awful first impression. A new service that lets you send 140-character updates to your “followers,” and you think, Why does the world need this, exactly? It’s not as if we are sitting around 6 years ago, hoping for this kind of service where you send an instant message to a 100 friends in a circle updating about the your daily happenings. Post the great recession of 2008, this has started making more sense. There is a series of events which lead to the happening of the same, major one was, while recovering from the recession times, the pass-time decreased rapidly and 24 hours weren’t enough for employers, employees of corporates as well as speaking personally. World started being more precise than reading details which aren’t concerned to them. Only now, when twitter provided the way of becoming smart while framing your sentences into words & words into 140 characters. Frankly, I’d not open a single news based website after twitter, since everything is here even before it could be fit into an article and uploaded.

Psychologically speaking, people who are into a misery with no – confidence life, cannot be found on twitter, which makes it unique in other ways. It takes confident to state a statement which is limited to a certain words, so the sentiment can only be positive, neutral or negative. Nothing goes unidentified or unmatched. There is a lot of drama as well because people still make a mistake of comparing it with social networking sites like facebook. ITS NOT! In common language, it is a dais for every individual to speak which is publicly heard unlike networking websites which restrain you to a particularly closed community. Even “meme” says that if you are feeling absolutely helpless, join twitter & you will be surprised to reduce your own distress with a real-time happening timeline.

Twitter is being used by all sorts comprising of individuals, businesses, corporates etc. There is a sweet strategy of writing for each one of them which if not followed, can bring the internet-influence down. There are also some dozen pointers for businesses/corporates to follow for their brands, listed below: With the help of Twitter;

1) Monitor real-time conversations
2) Extend Customer Service
3) Offer helpful links & headlines
4) Identify issues on early stage
5) Break through communication barriers via engagement
6) Run special deals & promotions
7) Build the brand reputation
8) Find new business opportunities
9) Build in business relations
10) Boost visibility on search engines via keywords
11) Use feedback as real-time testimonials
12) Host Tweet-ups

Usage of twitter can be challenging to explain as it differs from account to account & from individual to individual & even perspective to perspective. It needs to be understood more than explained which can only happen if you figure out the trends for yourself and identify a tweeting pattern for yourself & how you wish to be viewed online.

Twitter possibly is worth more than $10 Billion, current date, as per Forbes. And of course, it is much more worthy when it comes to real-time data which can make a fortune for the one who has an eye for it.

There are many industries which have benefited by the presence on this Social platform, majority of them are B2C, why, because it has helped build an excellent communication channel between brand and customers directly. So, customer service industry stays on top which has gone under a dynamic change. Next to it have a trend of replacing places, so who so ever engages well, gets the reward.
Since the fact to be understood is that, there has been a great paradigm shift from data-driven world to engagement driven. People are fond of interacting online rather than personal meetings, only in some cases its unlikely. Also, we cannot identify real-time emotions into what is written & therefore it is not recommended to look for a date. 🙂
Else-wise, it is highly recommended to have a twitter account and regularly engage with your followers which in-turn will help you increase your own apt.


5 Tips to Manage your Profiles

Social Media, one of the rapidly growing industry is based on a business module of publication. As soon as we hear social media, we picture key websites such as twitter, facebook, google+ etc. In today’s date, each one of us is having a profile on several social networking website, if not several, stats are for at least 3 per individual. At times we it becomes difficult to manage between them. Here are 5 pointer tips on how you should manage those profiles and since, a “connect” option is available between a few, which ones you should bridge & which ones you shouldn’t & which ones you strictly shouldn’t. 5 tips are as follows:Social Media Classification, every network means something

1. Keep professional profiles separate from your Social profiles:

This is a thin line between professional & social profiles, maintain that. The largest & famous website for professional networking is LinkedIn. If you are having a profile & stay active on LinkedIn, it is strongly recommended that you do not connect it with your facebook or twitter accounts. It creates a different impression & personally speaking, no one wants to know here what did you do in your Social Life on a Professional Network.

2.  Watch the content: If you are a content personality who sticks to one subject/thing/topic or are managing your work accounts, then its recommended you connect everything to your social profiles so as to increase hits on your name/brand name.Particularly

3. Facebook & Twitter in particular: I don’t understand if you classify these two as similar, let me enlighten you, they are NOT. They are not even near to a same concept. Again, if you are not content, do not connect these platforms to each other. Facebook is your social face & Twitter remains your social activity, they cannot be clubbed for no reason.

4. Blogs & Social Profiles: In the language of Twitter, what you cannot sum on twitter is called your blog. Therefore, if you are an active blogger, attach it to your social profiles only when you feel you are writing some content which can be of public interest & not what you did in your day or last month or last summer.

5. Other Networks & you: The networking websites which don’t sit on the wall of fame of Social Media are critical as well. If you are someone who tends to make a profile on almost all websites, stay active on them or else delete them. Try & search your name in Google search sometimes, if you are content you will see neat results. If not, the results would go haywire. This can affect you if you’re looking for employment or looking for new clients.

So, all in all, there are terms & conditions with every network and you have to classify each one of them smartly enough to create an impression which first click on your name somewhere on the web. Remember, 30 years ago, Government had technology, 20 years ago, conglomerates had it, 10 years ago, consumers had it & now its carried by even 5 year olds.


Classify each network according to your needs/requirements and connect them smartly and you will see sit on good search results which will boost up your personality/brand.