Weather & Us

Did you ever wonder how are human beings and weather connected to each other? Why do people pray from rains, in dry areas?Why do people pray for the rains to stop, in the flood areas? Why do people pray to get summers, in snowy areas? Why do people pray to see winters, in hot areas?Image Because, what we have is not enough and we always want, what we don’t have. This is the general human nature. And we call the Nature, as “Mother Nature”. There you go, we are related as Mother & her children.

It does not necessarily mean, the outside weather, it also corresponds to us within our home environment, within out work environment and everywhere else. Someone in the bad mood will always try to ruin something. On the other hand, someone happy, will always try & make others happy, at least in general :).

So, if you see a bad weather outside, doesn’t mean, you gotta spoil your day & loose out the energy because of that. Things are going to get better eventually & they always do. And similarly, don’t let the good weather make you so overwhelmed that you end up spoiling your own day. #JustSaying


Untitled Questions

Really, what do you do when you are out of words? When you really are feeling mixed, when you are really wanting to talk, no matter what time of the 24 hour day it is, when you have no one around to see you as to how do you look, when you end up clicking your own picture from your cellphone and smile over it, when the morning does not keep any significance to you, neither do the noon or eve, when you see the offers but don’t feel like buying it, when you are given a good news and all you could do is smile or congratulate in a low voice, when you are really mixed up in your own head, like I am now!

What does really happen then?

We suppose to leave everything on time? That it will be fixing everything for us, well, *news flash*, you don’t have to beg “time” to fix things for you. It eventually does. Question still lies for the phase we just go through. For some it is a jiffy and for others its long as their lives. What do we really do?

If something doesn’t work for us, why do we tend to leave it and if left why do we remember it? A day in my chair is not equivalent to the day in a boat across the lake. Now, what happens to the same nature person? We feel gravity on ground but what happens to us in water? If it was always about connecting with people, every foreigner knows it than why do locals fail to understand it? If they do, what happens to the “unity” concept?

Run after excellence, success would follow you all by itself. Works only for 4 out of 100. So? Other 94 should commit suicide?