Paradigm Shift

Yes, as we speak. I think that was enough to say when it came to Social Media but how many of you knew there had been one, actually?paradigm-shift-11-e1335918096319

I bet, only a few of you. This is because the field of Media became Social with facebook, became digital with twitter & shot up ever since with WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest & YouTube, essentially. Traditional media is one thing which is has taken a huge hit out of all this. That’s only because in a fast connecting world, people only had less and less time for other people in – person. But yeah, we all know that by now.

There had been a lot of Social Media Guru’s by now, I guess, people in this field have even overrated the term “Guru’s” because every other person is one. That ain’t the case, let me be honest with you. Even the people on highest positions are not. Pretending is one thing and knowing about the shift is another.

A lot of you need to understand the concept of ‘unified data’ rather than ‘bigdata’. If you can make out the difference between two, good enough. If not, BEWARE of this shift, it’s like the gigantic wave data that can hit you and your business model hard.

Paradigm Shift


The Social Keyboard

So, I am sure, a lot of you would have thought of it but my question is, why is it still not there?

Out of tons, the keyboard manufacturing companies, of course, I can only name a few such as ‘Microsoft’, ‘Apple’, ‘Dell’, ‘Logitech’, ‘hp’ etc. none of them came up with this. Why?

The Social Media Keyboard
The Social Media Keyboard

How cool would it be to have an Enhanced keyboard which is so much internet savvy, good for the conglomerates involved in mass communication, media and teenagers, of course. Yeah, that’s too much of a cliché.

But is that just because of a company patent war? Of course, I understand every one wants to be the no. 1 in terms of branding; but can you stop the battle for a second and actually be human-centric? Lets do it the people way!

UAE National Day

Very rarely would you see an non-emirati person writing about this but I cannot help myself. Call it my extended love for United Arab Emirates, a country full of things from 19th Century, 20th and 21st and I won’t be wrong if I said even from “future”. It has given me education, a career and memories for cherish in my lifetime. I also agree that not all the things that look like rose are rosy but then come on, which country doesn’t have flaws? None.

Therefore I will take this opportunity to congratulate The Rulers and wish every Emirati National along with every resident of UAE a very happy National Day. Over 40 years, UAE has come a long way but you can literally feel something in the preparation that every year would be better than the last one; – “SPIRIT OF UNION” #UAE41

As far as Social Media is concerned, over 3 million pictures showing the celebrations all around UAE, are expected to be on “instagram” shared via facebook, tumblr, pinterest and twitter. Over 6 million tweets and a 100,000 pictures on facebook. More stats and analysis to come later. Enjoy the 41st National Day if you live or are in UAE on 2nd December.