Can someone be a real “charmist”? Damn, I thought that was a word, until word gave me a red-flag.Charm

Anyhow, question remains the same, can someone withdraw your entire focus and drain down your energy in just a jiffy? Answer cannot be in a yes or no. There has to be a pro-longed explanation to this. Like how the light in a campfire, lits everyone’s face, like how the leaves from a tree fall, like how smell of home-cooked meal travels, like how the motion of a tyre suggests, it’s going backwards, like how the second’s hand in your wrist watch ticks; these connotations can only lead the way. Reaching for the green light across the ocean coming from the light house can be one of the most fascinating feelings ever. So, what does charm has to do with all this? Well, charm brings us elements we require to feel the air and what’s in it. It can be solicited with romance easily but hold on; I am not there, yet!

I am not essentially talking about all the visible or the beautiful icons; I am talking inner-sanctum. So, unless it comes from with-in; directly from the combinatorial effect of heart & mind, it’s not charm. Heart might easily release its feelings but mind acts as a security guard and checks its protocols before anything is allowed a “facial expression”.

The dreams of childhood still fit in everyone’s daily life, some conveniently choose to ignore it, some follow it, and some take it as a commotion. But one’s with charm always keep those dreams in their minds with an imagination of getting hold of a magic wand someday & spearing it all out for real. Well, let me tell you, it may work for them. Because, I don’t know who said it, but it’s a fact that “With dreams, you will reach no-where, can’t reach anywhere without ‘em either”. Hence, it becomes a connection of a chain reaction within one and; only comes to the face with a glow; the dilation of pupils is the very first noticeable reaction – Now that’s CHARM!

Charm Girl

Ever felt it?


Simple facts of living

We as teenagers are always told to “live simple” & “stay on earth” but here is a question; How many of us are actually able to do that?

The Basic state of Mind

I agree, I am not a teenager writing this blog but I’ve passed that stage without getting an answer to some questions and when I look back today, I find many like me who are now 10 times advanced than what I am today. Why is this happening? What is the changing point? People in India, generally blame the fast changing ‘western’ trend. Still, they all talk about keeping the ‘cultural values’ in place; the ‘religious activities’ in our routine. How is this helping?  Are we actually able to incorporate those in our routine? What if we keep asking these type of question? Have we ever tried to explain it to ourselves that, to judge the best, we have to look into the mirror? Have we ever tried to talk to ourselves? our inner-self? Some of us might have but if I am talking about 10 people, I will get 8 negative answers & that is a the majority.

There is a huge gap between elementary topics and practicality; similar to what result we take out of every event in our lives. Some stay negative forever and some positive. And this is the only reason why we refer to “destiny”. Its a hard guess of to what is right and what should be done to make the wrong things, right. Seriously, we need to cope up with this technological advancement and understand a teen’s mind and then ask him/her to make elementary changes in his/her routine.