Is Social Media overkilling?

Social Media as we know is going viral in today’s time. We won’t talk about late 90s or early millennium. Let’s start with 2004.

Can’t we have a fair idea of what is going on? And we are still building. Yes, we are. Major impacts were from twitter and facebook. Unanswered questions are two:

a)      Is Social Media over-killing us?

b)      Why are we building more? What next?

When this was asked to facebook, they couldn’t respond to it. They are telling the stories of twice reach to the population, three times ROI but then for whom? For already the people/brands who had the million following already, other than facebook. I am not talking exception here but seriously, make me aware of one person/brand that started up and had a normal approach and has reached to their highest peak they never thought of and facebook helped. I am not criticizing the Social Network which helped us in so many ways but then isn’t it becoming too much? Just like a balloon which bursts when overblown.

There are a million tweets posted on twitter on daily basis. This concept is still bearable because you can easily unfollow something/somebody. But then this goes to all the people who update their life minute by minute & just aiming to have a quarter million tweets till you die? Do not generalize it so much that people actually start losing interest in their timelines which will eventually happen one day if this continues. Yet, it is much under control of an individual.

Also, ever since I’ve joined facebook, updated my profile, my email is spammed a thousand times in a day, are you losing my private information to data centers? If not, I am not the only one accusing you of this.

The year chart only mention the websites/portals which have become world famous in a very less time and have millions of people using them on daily basis but what about others? Well, we hardly notice any of them.

For many people as soon as they turn on their PCs/Laptops, there is a string which they follow:


Social String

-The basis of the above timeline is based out of a generic survey done in which people switch over Social Networks before everything/anything else.

So, this is the sort of generic timeline a normal approach individual follows. And looking at this, can we say “is Social Media overkilling?

In previous times, people turned into Angels & Daemons, are we expecting a Socio Maniac World now, I mean forget God, people wake up checking their Social Networks now. ..!

Whether it is a professional network of a blog or almost anything which doesn’t involve human contact and yet has a million reach is complimented in today’s date. Question still remains unanswered that whether balloon as we call, will burst.


5 Tips to Manage your Profiles

Social Media, one of the rapidly growing industry is based on a business module of publication. As soon as we hear social media, we picture key websites such as twitter, facebook, google+ etc. In today’s date, each one of us is having a profile on several social networking website, if not several, stats are for at least 3 per individual. At times we it becomes difficult to manage between them. Here are 5 pointer tips on how you should manage those profiles and since, a “connect” option is available between a few, which ones you should bridge & which ones you shouldn’t & which ones you strictly shouldn’t. 5 tips are as follows:Social Media Classification, every network means something

1. Keep professional profiles separate from your Social profiles:

This is a thin line between professional & social profiles, maintain that. The largest & famous website for professional networking is LinkedIn. If you are having a profile & stay active on LinkedIn, it is strongly recommended that you do not connect it with your facebook or twitter accounts. It creates a different impression & personally speaking, no one wants to know here what did you do in your Social Life on a Professional Network.

2.  Watch the content: If you are a content personality who sticks to one subject/thing/topic or are managing your work accounts, then its recommended you connect everything to your social profiles so as to increase hits on your name/brand name.Particularly

3. Facebook & Twitter in particular: I don’t understand if you classify these two as similar, let me enlighten you, they are NOT. They are not even near to a same concept. Again, if you are not content, do not connect these platforms to each other. Facebook is your social face & Twitter remains your social activity, they cannot be clubbed for no reason.

4. Blogs & Social Profiles: In the language of Twitter, what you cannot sum on twitter is called your blog. Therefore, if you are an active blogger, attach it to your social profiles only when you feel you are writing some content which can be of public interest & not what you did in your day or last month or last summer.

5. Other Networks & you: The networking websites which don’t sit on the wall of fame of Social Media are critical as well. If you are someone who tends to make a profile on almost all websites, stay active on them or else delete them. Try & search your name in Google search sometimes, if you are content you will see neat results. If not, the results would go haywire. This can affect you if you’re looking for employment or looking for new clients.

So, all in all, there are terms & conditions with every network and you have to classify each one of them smartly enough to create an impression which first click on your name somewhere on the web. Remember, 30 years ago, Government had technology, 20 years ago, conglomerates had it, 10 years ago, consumers had it & now its carried by even 5 year olds.


Classify each network according to your needs/requirements and connect them smartly and you will see sit on good search results which will boost up your personality/brand.