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By a veteran of the Advertising industry from Europe Ad week, here’s Bob Hoffman bashing almost all major publications, magazines, news agencies & big guns like Bill Gates. Really interesting delivery of speech and precise examples on every note and love his “quotes” and satire.

He talks about important lessons of Social Media Marketing and Digital Media Online vs. Traditional and Native TV advertising. By the end of this lecture, I almost felt like keeping it simple and to the concept is still the best approach towards Social Media Marketing. He stresses enough on my favorite facts & I quote:

“The Golden Era of Bullshit”

“Everyone seems to know the fairy tales & no one seems to know the facts”

“People say they’re passionate about brands… You’re what??? — Dude, get a fuckin girlfriend”

“Do yourself a favor, stop listening to big mouths like me, nobody is smarter than the truth, take the time to find out the facts for yourself, draw your own conclusions, allow yourself the wonderful freedom of skepticism”

– Bob Hoffman, ladies & gentlemen!


Social Media Misunderstanding/s

“Social Media”, now one of the very important aspects for business houses as well as very well under misconception or misunderstood term. The best example of this disaster could be considering the largest social network “facebook” similar to the biggest microblog “Twitter”. Yes, the two are very different from each other.

Let’s devise some factors on which the difference is measured:

Closed Network: Be it a network, community or society, they all have boundaries*, which is your Social Network which doesn’t co-relates with the outside world. On the other hand Microblog is something which is open* to anyone and everyone.

*Privacy settings are not considered for now.

Content: The content posted on a Social Network is usually supposed to remain confined which only a specified set of people can view. On Micrblog it is different; it is more public than private.

*Privacy settings are not considered for now.

Photo Albums: Sharing of memories/pictures is in a format of an album over a Social Network where as there is no such option on Microblog, you can post a link for sure but you cannot upload an album over.

Connecting: Since both, the Social Networks as well as Microblog has seen presence of B2C companies presence over them, people try and connect with them in different ways which is again not similar.

Daily Activity: There is daily activity seen over Social Network as well as Microblog by most of the users online. *Mobile internet is one of the biggest reasons*. But what you should be writing over a Social Network

Nearly hundreds of differences could be pulled up if you keep thinking but basic point is to understand Social Media approach. Huge mismatch happens when the two are combined for any campaign. They don’t work well in terms of ROI or Social Graphs. And its ironic that they are still used as it is.

If we dig deep, we come across an interesting fact, “age if a person”.

Does it/should it matter? Is the question?

Answer is simple, in almost 90% of the cases, YES, it does matter.


Answer: Every company has an organizational hierarchy, it so happens that once commands flow from the top, the junior agents are left with no choice. It happens only because people who are new to Social Media and are usually in their late 40s and 50s, tend to turn to facebook and just tend to love the millions of likes. Where as young personnel, understands the difference of active and interactive fans/followers and would rather have a small portion of they but keep a continuous activity when the business is concerned.

Please note: This is not criticism; this is the result of a survey. And exceptions can be ruled out.

Many people believe social media can do no good to promote their business. They also believe social media is a waste of time and energy. There might be some or other reasons that made their efforts a failure. By following a few steps, anyone can successfully do advertising through social networks. A clear vision is necessary in a social media activity. You should obviously have a strategy before each of your movements in social networks.

So before even hitting the gadget, you need to broaden your thought process and mindset, think like everyone who’s eye is on your business. Here are some reasons why will something fail for you:

Blogs and Books: Most of the people follow the bigger names and try to adapt their tips and wisdom and later get upset just because it did not work well for you. So all you have to understand is a blog post is something that is not specifically written for you, going for something generic is not always the solution but be specific.

Strategies with no end goals: You must be clear with the end goals of your specific social media activity. So going for social media without a clear vision of the kind of outcome you want, is certainly of no help. Just because your competitor is involved in activities like tweeting you can’t drag yourself into this social media buzz expecting some great results.

Believe or Leave: Anyone who does not believe in social media cannot meet their goals. It is the belief and clear set idea that keeps any promotion successful. What works for others might not be working well for you. But with a targeted audience strategy you can make it work efficiently for you.

We also have 4 great myths about using Social Media for your businesses:

1. Companies with a target of more mature customers do not benefit from Social Media

2. Companies create pages for themselves only to promote their their own products/services

3. Most potential customers would rather receive customer support via telephone

4. Social Media doesn’t really help your business

All the above myth’s have been proven wrong over the time and the paradigm has shifted so quickly that many people went on stand-by just to see what is happening and they were never able to catchup.



Planning the Content of Social Media Marketing

The world has seen a whole new pattern of marketing which one could never imagine of a decade ago. Yes, we are talking about the very know SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. When there are out-rightly many factors involved while considering the Social Media Marketing, the content and delivery still remains the focused ones.  A well conceived content planning can take the social media marketing to a whole new level &  efforts made can help produce content that is consistently relevant and useful to the audiences. The content planning will help keeping the goals and objectives of the social media strategy in sharp focus, forcing to streamline the marketing messages.

It may also cater to the needs of staying systematic and well-organized for quenching the thirst of being a level up on CMMI levels. There are some areas of focus,

  • The major content which will be published
  • The timing of the content delivery
  • Which websites the posts would scroll and republished
  • Reaching amongst the right group as planned
  • Tracing and tracking of the content via reporting

Plan the content for the Social Media Marketing

There is a  need to know and understand who will be following the content which is being published over the social networks, so that it could be determined as to what these readers want or need to know from the content, what they like and dislike and where they congregate. This should be one way to build the content plan and social media marketing thoughts can surround the  audience’s needs and wants, ensuring that the content stays relevant. To sustain the engagement with the audiences, the content can be broken down to public’s concerns into manageable chunks and space out the inputs across a period of time.

Now we can get into the nuts and bolts of your plan, including specific dates for when the is the content to be published, and to which social networks these will be posted. There will arise a need to build an editorial calendar to lay your content out and give you a clear view of the big picture. It would be useful fact that mapping out the right keywords is extremely necessary so as to be recognized or stand up in a crowd of such numbers.

You should also consider the formats of the content you will be posting, and how often you will be posting these. Tools that automate the posting process allow you to easily plan and program your posts, then automatically take care of sending these for you to the corresponding social networks.One such tool that takes much of the effort out of content planning and posting is Isis Toolbox. This free suite of social networking utilities lets you plan ahead for your content, then automates posting to the popular social networks. This offers excellent advantages and reduces the effort required to roll out your social media marketing activities.

Attending an Issue

The content becomes truly valuable if it helps people solve tricky or persistent problems. Focus on a problem that affects a large part of the target community, then craft content that helps to address these problems. This should form the core of your content plan.

Making Social Media Marketing More Efficient

Following a content plan makes you more efficient at social media marketing. Engaging users requires ample time and enough preparation. Without a plan to guide you through the process, crafting relevant content becomes nothing more than a creative guessing game that threatens to spiral out of control, monopolizing your time and preventing you from effectively responding to market opportunities.

By planning ahead and plotting out how you will engage your users with compelling content, you can realize the benefits and enjoy the rewards of social media.

More to come on Social Media…