Social Media Virality!

Just a quick question on this subject: Can it be controlled?social-media-fail1

As simple as the question; simple is the answer: “No”

Recent example: “Dreamliner” Boeing 787 – one of the finest state-of-the-art airplanes being grounded due to some incidents and faults. People got to read all sorts of stuff on Social Media platforms. One who knows nothing about Airplanes; also killed it on his/her account. Question rises again; can Boeing do anything about it?facebook-fail

Very similar to this one, there are a lot of other examples also; since we all are smart enough to know that by now; Social Media agencies are hired to do all sorts of Social Media for big conglomerates, accidents like these are well anticipated. This is what we call a “Social Media ‘Fail'” or to tag it #SocialMedia #Fail.

What’s the your strategy for these times?

– If you don’t have one; have one. If you have one; review the other top Social Media fails and analyze your’s.

What’s the best that could be done?

Well, it totally depends upon the gravity of the situation. If it is a minor and recoverable incident, best is to keep calm and quiet for a while because ‘Justin Beiber’ or ‘One Direction’ would come soon to rescue you. Yes this is how, your audience is now-a-days.If you are not following: just keep a track of the top 10 world trends on twitter for 7 days and you’ll know what am I talking about.
But if the situation is worse; make an apology on be half of the chair and try to minimize your damage according to your business model but only if it’s affecting to an extent where you cannot afford.

And if it’s unrecoverable; better stay quiet and continue in your fashion of your business model and pretend it never happened and in a jiffy it would be wiped off.

It is one of the simplest answer to any SM Failure which usually are seen these days.

Small advice: Don’t engage while the rage is on; no matter how big you are; you’ll go down.


Why was it viral in the first place?

Do you know anything about human psychology? It reforms every second we see something. And who doesn’t know about “Key Influencers?”. I might be scared to put something on my account first but just a quick moment where I see an influencer’s post/tweet; bingo, shared!

Who is to blame?

Literally, no one. Because not only they are difficult to track but also impossible to eradicate. So either don’t let them happen or stay put for the next big thing.



Is Social Media overkilling?

Social Media as we know is going viral in today’s time. We won’t talk about late 90s or early millennium. Let’s start with 2004.

Can’t we have a fair idea of what is going on? And we are still building. Yes, we are. Major impacts were from twitter and facebook. Unanswered questions are two:

a)      Is Social Media over-killing us?

b)      Why are we building more? What next?

When this was asked to facebook, they couldn’t respond to it. They are telling the stories of twice reach to the population, three times ROI but then for whom? For already the people/brands who had the million following already, other than facebook. I am not talking exception here but seriously, make me aware of one person/brand that started up and had a normal approach and has reached to their highest peak they never thought of and facebook helped. I am not criticizing the Social Network which helped us in so many ways but then isn’t it becoming too much? Just like a balloon which bursts when overblown.

There are a million tweets posted on twitter on daily basis. This concept is still bearable because you can easily unfollow something/somebody. But then this goes to all the people who update their life minute by minute & just aiming to have a quarter million tweets till you die? Do not generalize it so much that people actually start losing interest in their timelines which will eventually happen one day if this continues. Yet, it is much under control of an individual.

Also, ever since I’ve joined facebook, updated my profile, my email is spammed a thousand times in a day, are you losing my private information to data centers? If not, I am not the only one accusing you of this.

The year chart only mention the websites/portals which have become world famous in a very less time and have millions of people using them on daily basis but what about others? Well, we hardly notice any of them.

For many people as soon as they turn on their PCs/Laptops, there is a string which they follow:


Social String

-The basis of the above timeline is based out of a generic survey done in which people switch over Social Networks before everything/anything else.

So, this is the sort of generic timeline a normal approach individual follows. And looking at this, can we say “is Social Media overkilling?

In previous times, people turned into Angels & Daemons, are we expecting a Socio Maniac World now, I mean forget God, people wake up checking their Social Networks now. ..!

Whether it is a professional network of a blog or almost anything which doesn’t involve human contact and yet has a million reach is complimented in today’s date. Question still remains unanswered that whether balloon as we call, will burst.