My Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia, a mobile phone company, really close to my heart because almost 7 years I user Nokia 6630 and I never faced a single problem with the Symbian OS which was more or less Nokia’s spinal cord for quite sometime. But none the less; it’s back with a bang with Flagship Lumia series of 510, 520, 61o, 620, 720, 800, 820, 900 and 920.Nokia Lumia 920 with Box Packing

With the courtesy of Nokia, UAE, I had an opportunity to use and review the Lumia 920 (yellow). The box unlike the old big packaging, was sorted as that of an iphone/S3/BB z10. It contained the phone, charger (USB) and earphones. I was totally delighted to receive the same.

With first looks, it looks like the first love, I will be a little biased here. Because I wasn’t impressed with iphone’s or S3’s first look out of their packages. The embossed screen from the body, looks pretty. Finally time to boot, impressive and a quick one just as Win 8 takes in any new machine.

Below created is a table of it’s positives; neutral and negative facts:

For every smartphone now a days, there are these three categories, depending upon what kind of usage you are seeking. For Lumia especially, there are a lot more positives than negatives. Neutral would be the features, which are readily available in almost all the smartphones these days. Will not completely brag but Lumia or let me say Windows 8 OS, gives some disadvantages to the handset, such as ‘file sharing’ and ‘skype’. They are difficult to understand. For example; I couldn’t sign out once I signed into my skype account; What if I have two accounts for different purposes?

I cannot possibly list each & everything out of my limited usage but here I go:

Some basic facts have already been pointed out; there and by how you use your phone; things change then. But I would straight away give my comparison to iphone and android flagship be it Samsung or HTC, it stands out. Plus I wouldn’t call the app store developed; the third party applications are scare and are in a short-supply but they are surely keeping an eye on the same and on-going development is foreseen from here.

In addition to everything I would also answer one key question: “Who is it made for?” or “What type of people should buy it?”

Clearly, Nokia Lumia & Windows 8 are not made for all. There is a specific set of people who should be buying it. Nokia-Lumia-920-colors

  • It is made for people who remain satisfied with their phones and are not frequent on changing their handsets no matter for what.
  • Made for people who are kind of addicted to Social Media, Gaming, heavy calling and frequent messaging.
  • Made for people who love music and photography.
  • It is not open source, so techies strictly be away from it.

Overall my rating: 4.0/5


Technology on the ROLL

An era of cave man; is what we talk about when we hear of something which is 15000 years old. And from that time, to the time of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ which was yesterday, from there we see today, it has a great deal of technological advancement. Everything comes with time; of course everything that was used 5 decades back, is washed off now, rather, its their advanced version, is what we have today.

A very good example is the mode of communication: We had Telegraphs (as I recall), then came telephones, then were mobile phone technology. Now as soon as we hear mobile phones we picture BlackBerry or iphone, or an android phone yes? Yes, because, today they sit on the top of the list & we don’t look back when it comes to technology. So, what does tomorrow have for us? No wonder we have seen 3g, 4g & maybe 10g’s is what tomorrow has for us. The point here is that its going at such a pace where to keep at par with it, is not everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve seen people stuck on ‘Symbian’ phones and they say that, the new technology is just too much to learn, understand & use. So, they would like to keep the limited number of options which are actually used in day-to-day itinerary.

On the other hand we have Stewart Brand Quotes:

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.”

“he floated the idea, he put the money & the machine, then he basically let what would happen, happen.”

Those are rightly said words, its becoming too much which ain’t required. Basic sense of applications is lost rather, life has just become more of competition with-in the appsConfused about tools as well. Companies are only developing because other companies are doing it as well. We had a Social Media revolution but how many of us know that it has come to a halt? At one time, new joiners on facebook, twitter etc. were lacs of people, it has come to just a few thousands now keeping in mind the number of deactivation’s as well. It has become so much that there are companies who actually diversified themselves into monitoring of the people flow here. Now, that’s what is happening to technology, there are so many options to choose from.

I would like to take you to a typical wedding party, imagine, having a menu with 250 items, now, we have hotels/restaurants with such options but I’m being specific, the menu is just for your convenience, you can/want to have all 250 of them. Or just wish you can at least taste each flair. [Exceptions, don’t poke your nose in this statement, else this is something argumentative in itself 😉 ]. Practically impossible to even have a look at them. Result: “Wastage”

That’s what is happening with technology as well. We are not saying, don’t update, don’t develop but the pace at which we are giving birth to something new is like a child being born every 3 seconds. Now, that affects human behavior in a lot of ways: “We have no favorites now”, its just a matter of a day or two when something fascinates us. Then we tend to break up our favorite for new one. Now, that an ∞ thinking… Critics might say “everyone has a “Christopher Columbus” in them… but on a serious note, there is no end to it. It has effected out life in such a manner that, that you can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

What if we just slow down the process by a little bit? What if we bring back the time, where we say “this is our favorite?” & people actually get us.

Think about it……….