I am also a Voice Over Artist

I keep going back home to India but this was the first time I went for Etihad Airways, on this video shoot. Simple concept defined with simplicity and of course, who doesn’t likes to be home?

Check it out here:

I am open to more voice over opportunities.

Thanks you all and thanks mom!


Website in 10 Easy steps

For any business, website is as crucial as stock/service. So why not follow a functional path and create one website in 10 easy steps?website1

A functional and well designed website can be one of the most critical factors in building an interface with your customers, suppliers, partners – and potentially investors. Below is how you can create an effective online presence:


  1. Understand the purpose of your Website: Start by determining the purpose of your website. Generally, company websites are a platform to share company’s story – giving visitors a general overview and tour of the products/services. Alternatively, it could also be to generate online sales, where you would create an e-commerce gateway for customers to directly make purchases. Remember that even if you decide to start with a basic/static website you can always upgrade your offer at a later stage.
  2. Decide your Domain Name: The is the URL you will be sharing with your visitors, so it needs to be catchy and something that they will remember. Key insight here, keep it short, concise and free of complicated abbrevations. Very often, it is the case that the domains ending with ‘.com’ have already been registered and you would need to work with alternatives such as ‘.net’ or ‘.co’. This step involves careful research and planning – invest some time in coming up with a suitable domain for your business. It is also worth consulting an IT expert at this stage to ensure that you aren’t using a domain name that has already been copyright by someone else.
  3. Select your Web host: After you’ve decided on your domain name, you will need to choose a web host. Your choice of website host will depend in part on the software you choose but also on the speed and number of visits you expect to receive. With some companies, you can start off with less expensive but less powerful share hosting services, if required, you can step up to faster and more powerful dedicated hosting. This option is something you should consider when choosing a host, even if you start with less expensive option. Another consideration, particularly if you are setting up your website yourself, if whether your host provides for automatic installation of your chosen content management software. Most of the popular hosting services will enable you to do this with the click of a button. And in most cases you can use the same host for more than one website. If you are doing it yourself, the host’s support services should be an important consideration. While few, if any, will support the software, the hosting application related issues can be complicated.
  4. Choose a Web Content Management System: A web content management system is a software that allows you to create and manage your website content, without the need to have detailed programming knowledge. A basic software would allow you to upload information, edit content and manage participation. The primary advantages of using a web content management system are that it is accessible at a low cost and is fairly easy to use. There are several options available today – varying based on your need. Popular ones WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and so on.
  5. Select a pre-made design template: A simple way to get a ready template would be to purchase it online or choose from the free templates already available and ready to use. Think from a visitor’s point of view What would they be looking for when they first visit your website? What is the first impression you want to leave on their mind? Select one theme and stick with that throughout the website. Your website should be simple, consistent and easy to navigate. If there’s too much going on, it could be a distraction to visitors. The navigation should be intuitive and not too complex. Having a lot of unnecessary images and links can turn off visitors. Lastly, don’t make frequent design changes on your website: let users build familiarity with your web portal, remember it and revisit it in the future.
  6. Update the Content, Content is the King: What you’re saying to your audience is of paramount significance as this directly impacts their interests in your page. Ensure that the information you are sharing on your page is relevant to your audience and more importantly a good indication of your brand value. Have a content strategy in mind – (4 easy steps)
    1. How often does the website need to be updated – weekly or monthly or bi-yearly.
    2. Who is responsible for managing all the online activity?
    3. Who is your target audience?
    4. How is your brand positioned in the market and how can you reinforce this with your website?
  7. Setup a Payment System/Gateway: While this step won’t apply to all business websites, companies that want to offer the option to pay online will need to integrate electronic payment systems into their websites. The easiest way to do this is through e-commerce software or third-party payment processors, often called gateways. Some web hsts offer an in-house option for e-commerce integratuon but not all do. So if you hav e to choose one on your own, be sure to do your own research. PayPal, is a popular and cost-effective option to facilitate easy payments.
  8. Ensure Compatibility: It’s imperative to ensure that your company’s website is compatible with all mobile devices and browsers and also platforms. Not only does this enable quick and easy access, but it offers your customers and enjoyable viewing experience. Compatibility means that your website is completely optimized to work on a mobile device. This includes design changes; does it fit on a mobile screen? Also, interface changes; making information accessible in a click of two versus a comprehensive options menu.
  9. Promote your Website: It’s surprising how many businesses forget to promote their website. It should be prominent across all your marketing activities. This could include business cards, brochures, emails and social media. Basically anywhere you have your business logo, your URL should be there too. Implement SEO strategy to drive traffic to your website and to rank high on search engines. There is also the option to use Google Adsense, which will show Google ads on your website. Of course, don’t forget to supplement these activities with a solid social media campaign – targeting your fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter.
  10. Review your Website: Once your website is up and running, it’s time to check how well you did! Simple tools like Google Analytics can help you get feedback on what areas if your website work and those that don’t. It also gives you insights on your demographics, page views, returning visitors, time spent on each page and so on. Regular discussions with your web developer on these analytics is truly time well spent. Remember that having a website just for the sake of it is as good as not having one. Take time out to review the working of your website and it can work wonders for your business.

Finally, it is very easy to overthink and complicate things when building your website. So try to keep it as simple as possible. Your website should give your visitors a clear depiction of who you are as a company and leave them with one solid call-to-action. Have is as user-friendly as possible and think about user-journey as if you were your own customer/visitor.

button-do-not-forgetFor an entrepreneur or small business owner, a website is a great boon – an easy, cost-effective and efficient platform to communicate with a mass audience! Therefore, it’s only fair that you give sufficient attention and time to ensure that you are making the most out of it. DO NOT FORGET how Social Media can be beneficial in the whole process, historically and currently it has seen, working charm for a lot of businesses.

Remembering Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam #RIPKalam

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Ex-President of India and a legend passed away on July 27th, 2015 at the age of 83.

Only thing he said: ‘don’t announce a holiday, if I die, work an extra day instead’. While the corporate community is left with laughter on this one, it truly inspires me to go the extra mile. Here are some of his inspirational quotes: May you RIP Sir.

APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes 1 APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes 2 APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes 3 APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes 4 APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes 5  APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes 7APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes 6 APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes 10APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes 8

Advertising Mantras

By a veteran of the Advertising industry from Europe Ad week, here’s Bob Hoffman bashing almost all major publications, magazines, news agencies & big guns like Bill Gates. Really interesting delivery of speech and precise examples on every note and love his “quotes” and satire.

He talks about important lessons of Social Media Marketing and Digital Media Online vs. Traditional and Native TV advertising. By the end of this lecture, I almost felt like keeping it simple and to the concept is still the best approach towards Social Media Marketing. He stresses enough on my favorite facts & I quote:

“The Golden Era of Bullshit”

“Everyone seems to know the fairy tales & no one seems to know the facts”

“People say they’re passionate about brands… You’re what??? — Dude, get a fuckin girlfriend”

“Do yourself a favor, stop listening to big mouths like me, nobody is smarter than the truth, take the time to find out the facts for yourself, draw your own conclusions, allow yourself the wonderful freedom of skepticism”

– Bob Hoffman, ladies & gentlemen!

Festival of Lights! It’s Diwali

Happy Diwali

Diwali, a festival of lights, hope, prosperity, fireworks and homecoming. No matter where ever you are, your heart warms on this auspicious occasion for your loved ones, which also includes the ones you don’t love so much 🙂

For Non-Resident Indians like myself, it’s not always easy to communicate the feelings in a manner as felt but none the less, I pray for each one of you out there to be showered with prosperity and happiness.

God bless y’all.

Time to take a break…

Time to celebrate…


Happy Diwali 2014!


New Livery at first sight!

One of the fastest growing Airlines in the World, the Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi, UAE, have released their new livery on the upcoming Airbus A380 & Boeing 787, which will be flagship for this Airline.

The Presiden & CEO of Etihad Airways, James Hogan, explained that this geometry on the tail fin of these airplanes are a depiction of modern architecture of Abu Dhabi. He also announced that the A350-XWB should be coming in early next year. This would be really interesting to see especially with B787-800 already being in the Etihad Fleet.

Check out the official grand roll-out of the A380:

First A380 Rollout


Etihad NewLivery

Check out the livery painting:

I am going to cut it short and ask the basic question about the three high competitive gulf carriers going head-to-head with new airplanes, new routes & new products. Who is better & who is the best, only time will tell, again & again.

Let me just take a brief moment & say, size doesn’t matter; quality does & will. If your quality suck, you suck. Because even consumers doesn’t give you many chances.


Boeing 787-9 & Airbus A350-XWB

@BoeingAirplanes at Farnborough-2014 Airshow displayed majestic Dreamliner 787-9. Watch it here:


To this extra-ordinary state-of-the-art flying bird @Airbus is bringing Airbus A350-XWB in focus. Watch is here:

It cannot be fitting to say which of these two would be the best bet for the Airlines but certainly, both steal the hearts of #AvGeeks around the world with a few extra brownie points to Boeing.

The competition is going to be thick between these two particular airplanes. Although when Dreamliner first took the skies, it hit a few roadblocks due to the “Battery-failure” and safety standards but the air seems to be clear now. Whatever the case might be, it is certainly remaining in the skies for at least a century.

Airbus’s A350-XWB having Qatar Airways as it’s launch customer will take skies in early-mid 2015. They seem to have done some hard campaigning for this Aircraft by posting out the videos on each phase & tests of this airplane & made it seem like it’s damn robust to beat Airbus’s records. I am positive but not so. Only time will tell.

Relax & Enjoy!

Twitter and Future

Do you see future of Twitter? ($TWTR). Honestly, I do.

You might wonder why am I saying so, as the world favors Facebook as most preferable network when their social life is concerned. The answer lies in the question itself; people turn to Facebook for Social Life. For daily life, people turn to Twitter. Hence, they both have different goals to achieve, different audience to please and different planning to do.

Twitter is something you can breathe and rely on, given you’ve some reading and researching skills alongside complete understanding of (#) hashtags.

Constant updates on Twitter for web with regards to usage and advertising have taken a stand since $TWTR launch on NYSE. This is a good sign but also backfires at the same time. How? If you’re accustomed to coffee with milk and I get you a black coffee, I am calling for some emotional drama.

Some sweet numbers:

Twitter Statistics 2014

I see a strong and solid yoy growth for $TWTR and given another decade, the picture of Social Media is going to be clear, whether it was just a wave or it is here to stay.

2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.